Bermuda Montessori History

Founded in 1986, Bermuda Montessori School is a nursery and preschool offering early education and experiences through the Montessori method to children between the ages of 12 months and 4 years.

Bermuda Montessori School was founded in 1986 by Terry and Yvonne West. It continued until 2003, when Edward (Junior) and Julie Durrant purchased the business. Both Somersfield Academy and Montessori Preparatory School came out of Bermuda Montessori School.

Alongside Head Teacher Chanel Bean, the school was transformed into the charming but busy and welcoming environment it is today. Long hours and hard work helped build a strong foundation for what lay ahead for the Bermuda Montessori School. The Durrants understood and embraced the good, the bad and the indifferent to form a school that they could be proud of. Their trust in God has taken them and their school to where it is now.

Today, the Bermuda Montessori School educates 40 precious children and is home to 6 excellent full time and 2 part time staff members. Among the extracurricular classes provided at the school are Spanish, music and P.E, to name a few. However, the main ingredient that started this quaint little nursery and preschool remains the same: love. “Of all things love is the most potent” – Maria Montessori.

Look out for Phase 3 ahead. The Bermuda Montessori School has much more to accomplish in the crafting of our island’s generations to come.